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An open-source Java security framework

OACC - pronounced [oak] - is a fully featured Java API to both enforce and manage your application's authentication and authorization needs.

The OACC framework is an open-source project and encourages engagement with and contributions from community members like you.

How to get help

Join the mailing list

For general questions, discussions, feature requests, or simply to browse previous posts, please join the OACC discussion forum hosted at Google Groups.

Stack Overflow

If you have an OACC-specific coding question, please check if it has been posted on Stack Overflow, or ask it here.

Professional Support

If you are looking for professional support in form of Permission Engineering, custom features, training / mentoring, or a support plan, please contact Acciente.

How you can contribute

Report an issue

If you encounter a bug in OACC, please report it as an issue on the OACC GitHub page, along with the steps on how to reproduce it.

Contribute code

The source code repositories for OACC are hosted on GitHub. Please refer to the OACC Contribution Guide for more details about contributing bug fixes, refactorings, or feature enhancements.

Expand the test suite

If you spot a unique scenario that we don't have a test for, please refer to the OACC Contribution Guide for more details about contributing to the test suite.

Help someone

Answering questions on Stack Overflow or on the mailing list is an excellent way to help not just the original poster, but other members of the community that might run into the same issues in the future!

Spread the word

You can help spread the word about OACC by posting your impressions and experience on your favorite social media site(s). Be sure to share your links to tutorials, articles, blog posts, best practices, translations, etc. on the mailing list.